*not taking orders in December!!* Hello!! My name is Stark and I've been a content creator for 4 years. On my instagram page (creator account) I have over 220,000 followers, with an average of 8% engagement. I have two twitter accounts (SFW & NSFW), SFW having over 37k followers, and nsfw having 10.8k followers. I also have a free onlyfans page with 6k followers and very high engagement.


Instagram Feed Post - 3 hours (MODELS/CREATORS ONLY)

If you are a fellow creator and want me to post your content on my IG main feed this is for you! I have very high engagement for an account my size. This listing is for a post of 3 hours, I am happy to stagger the times to when your target audience is most likely online. I tend to post at 12noon PST for highest reach, you are welcome to the 12-3PST slot. NO NUDITY, no implied nudity, nothing overly sexual in the post etc it MUST be instagram friendly. I have never lost my account, or been flagged and I do not want to start now :)

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Instagram Story - Product Endorsement/Corporate

If you are a brand and want me to post your content on my story with account tag, and/or a swipe up link this is for you! I must review your content/product beforehand. I will speak honestly (preapproved) to my followers and endorse your product.

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Instagram Feed Post - Corporate/Product Endorsement

This is for corporate/product endorsements only! If you are an individual/model please see the product for creators since there is a large price difference. I will test, and take photos with your product and write my honest opinion (I will get approval first) along with the caption of your choice. I have very high engagement for a page of my size, and use a handful of instagram metrics pages to figure this price point. I will not post overly sexual content, implied nudity or anything I find to be in bad taste. You are trusting me to create content I believe in, and I will accept some direction but this is a collaboration between us :)

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Instagram Story(Swipe up) - MODEL/CREATOR ONLY

I will post your photo or video along with a link to swipe up and tag your account. Story posts are 24 hours. onlyfans links are fine, but no p-hub or cam-links etc. This is for fellow models/creators only! If you are corporate you must buy the corporate package.

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Instagram Story(tag only) Main Page

I will post your photo along with a caption, & a tag only(No Swipeup). No nudity or implied nudity.

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