Alice Irving



Hi! My name is Alice Irving. I have been active on social media for many years now. I have been building a large paying audience organically. I am living off social media only, so it's a good indicator of the validity and quality of my following. I have started doing travelling and modeling content. My audience is consisted of 95% male - 5 % female. Worldwide. We told me that my shoutouts were worth it to gain a lot of exposure and new loyal customers (I can provide before and after my promos with results of other customers). I did paid for other models to shout me out in the past...because the best investment you can do is in yourself! I have 6 figure followers on every social media platform (for some reasons I can't connect my Instagram and TikTok here) As of 29/09/2022, Instagram : 554,000 Twitter : 128 000 Tiktok : 376 000 No explicit nudity allowed ❤️